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Everyone understands the value for defining criticality as the preferred method to protect assets *

Prediction Analysis & RCM techniques are effectively executed during the design and planning phases to maximize the lifecycle of an asset or system *

Equipment Maintenance Plans are consistently driving the correct asset management business decisions to drive significant value creation *

Key performance indicators are effectively measured and communicated to optimize materials service level and total valuation trends *

Executive leadership have empowered a designee/assigned champion to develop the asset management plan that has vested interest in the success and effectively communicates to engage change within the organization *

Employees have been trained in proper execution of preventive maintenance tasks *

Oil analysis condition-based technology is effectively implemented to eliminate rotating equipment failures with high return on investment (ROI) *

Operators are effectively trained, coached and assigned specific tasks previously performed by maintenance technicians to allow more focus on shareholder value add improvement efforts *

Failure modes are effectively utilized in prioritizing failures based on critical nature of their consequences, frequency and ease of detection as the way to deliver value *

Preventive maintenance tasks are effectively detailed and linked to appropriate equipment *

Failure mode analysis is practiced as the way to maximize delivery of value from critical assets *

Leadership actions are continuously removing roadblocks, holding people accountable and ensuring the strategic plan is being met *

Reliability Engineering drives program design and installation of capital intensive assets *

Procedures for Prediction Analysis & RCM techniques are effectively utilized to analyze assets and systems to provide a set of actionable tasks to improve the understanding of how assets and systems operate and interact *

Data is effectively collected to understand the business benefit and integrated as part of daily planning and decisions *

Employees are trained in their respective job and roles to effectively enhance maintenance planning that drive value creation *

Operational Excellence & Discipline are effective in educating everyone on value delivery *

Everyone understands the net impact that effective materials and equipment spares impact overall profitability *

Failure data is accurately recorded, analyzed and utilized to drive effective corrective actions *

Strategic plan and system enables effective linkage between assets and value creation with clear, measurable targets and outcomes *

Strategic long term improvement plan, including required resources and funding, are updated and effectively managed for increased share-holder value add *

Everyone is trained and engaged in effectively setting planned maintenance based on value creation *

Process Safety plan and procedure enables effective linkage between assets and value creation with clear, measurable targets and outcomes *

Infra-red and motor condition analysis condition-based technologies are effectively implemented to eliminate electrical failures with high return on investment (ROI) in a short time of purchase *

Everyone understands that effective asset evaluation thru reliability engineering is the key is to maximizing the life cycle of an asset or system *

Employees are evaluated based on hands-on learning ability and continuously enabled to practice skills to increase competency *

Everyone connects with the key performance indicators and understand how they impact overall business objectives *

The advent of operators taking care of minor equipment maintenance is effectively allowing maintenance technicians to train in alignment, balancing, ultrasound and vibration technologies to create more sustained business value *

Work procedures are designed to effectively remove defects from raw materials, operations, workmanship, equipment failures and design *

Plans have effectively integrated infra-red  and motor testing condition-based technologies to drive business excellence and value creation *

Inspection and non-destructive testing condition-based technologies are effectively implemented to address structural integrity failures with high return on investment (ROI) *

Reactive work is effectively reduced to 20% of all maintenance activities which sets the tone for an effective PM Program *

Standardizing work processes are effectively driving receiving/issuing/returning stock items, ensuring appropriate numbering system for stock inventory *

Careful work habits are aggressively acting to quickly remove all known defects to ensure sustainability *

Operational Excellence & Discipline is practiced as the way to effectively make things happen at the shop floor level *

Prediction Analysis & RCM techniques are effectively utilized and drives that everyone is trained and engaged to achieve improvements in asset/plant operations *

Everyone understands the value of failure mode analysis as the way for identifying all possible failures in design and operations to protect assets *

Work processes are effectively identifying when and how to conduct root cause analysis to maximize value creation *

A complete brand of mutual honesty, respect and transparency in thought is evident thru communication and action with everyone as measured by 7C's (Clarity, Constancy, Consistency, Congruency, Commitment, Courage, Concern) *

Self ownership and prioritization drives operating, upgrading and maintaining the physical assets with a continuous improvement mind-set *

Planning and scheduling of maintenance is effectively controlling overall life cycle costs thru measured and understood key performance indicators *

Everyone is trained on continuous focus to drive out all waste that impedes production flow *

Plans and procedures are effectively educating everyone on criticality analysis and value delivery *

Everyone is trained and engaged in effective defect elimination in all value creation work streams *

Everyone relates with integrating reliability engineering practices as the way to successfully implement capital projects *

Everyone understands that root cause analysis is a structured way to eliminate the prime causes of significant business or process failures which have a major financial impact *

Root cause analysis is effectively utilized to move an organization from reactive to proactive problem-solving as the way to create value *

Skills development and training are effectively delivering the impact for workers to continuously meet the identified standards for value creation *

Preventive Maintenance drives careful work habits to consistently drive time-based reliability improvement and ensure sustainability to maximize shareholder value add *

Employees have been effectively trained and they operate on the value for effective maintenance of physical assets *

Procedures are designed to effectively remove defects from preventive tasks that have inadequate wording, mis-application, non-value add, busy work, low compliance, low accountability and creates barriers to replace with condition monitoring tasks *

Process for managing capital projects or system designs is effectively and continuously updated to drive value *

Alignment, balancing, ultrasound and vibration technologies are effectively implemented to mechanical failures with high return on investment *

Failure Mode Effects Analysis is practiced as the way to reduce failures and effectively deliver value from all systems *

Plans have effectively integrated alignment, balancing, ultrasound and vibration and have established alarm limits to drive business excellence and create value *

Project scheduling and execution processes are effectively optimizing project investment and minimizing project cycle time *

Plans have effectively integrated inspections using non-destructive testing condition-based technologies to drive business excellence and create value *

Effective planning drives success in meeting business objectives *

Shareholder value add for Asset Health Management system is understood and effectively utilized to deliver value and results *

The advent of operator driven reliability is effectively allowing maintenance technicians to train in inspection using non-destructive testing technologies to release business value *

All capital projects or systems designs have been evaluated via a reliability engineering protocol *

Everyone is engaged and motivated through constant involvement, feedback and face-to-face interactions instead of conversing via email *

Strategic plan effectively measures the health of the assets and aligns decisions to install, repair, renew, replace and dispose of all physical assets *

Operators are effectively taking ownership and executing 10 - 40% of planned maintenance tasks and allowing maintenance technicians to train and focus on predictive maintenance technologies *

The advent of operator driven reliability is effectively allowing maintenance technicians to train in oil analysis technology to release business value *

Plans have effectively integrated oil analysis condition-based technology and alarm criteria to drive business excellence and create value thru developed sampling and testing procedures *

Dedicated resources are trained and assigned to effectively engage the organization, maximize value and prioritize planning and scheduling  of integrated maintenance and project tasks during major turn-arounds *

Everyone understands the elements of Process Safety Management and makes the connection with business value *

Maintenance spares management and preventive maintenance are effectively identifying operator driven reliability tasks in driving value creation *

Asset criticality information for physical assets are effectively characterized and documented in the asset register of your computerized maintenance management system *

Key Performance Indicators are visual and effectively utilized everyday to drive business excellence and return on investment (ROI) *

The advent of operator driven reliability is effectively allowing maintenance technicians to train in infra-red and motor testing technology to realize business value *

Effective training in Process Safety according to their respective roles and are comfortable in making decisions to protect ALL assets *

Everyone is trained to effectively utilize the computerized maintenance management systems as the way to improve how work gets done *

Everyone is continuously involved with competency-based learning and cross-skilled functional training *

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