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This 75 question assessment will help us understand your organization's culture and gives us critical information to help develop your overall gap assessment.

There are no "wrong" answers. Try not to anticipate what the answer should be.  Your first response is normally the realistic case and ratings of "ZERO" are OK as they help to formulate the true baseline.  Profit-Ability LLC, will use results of your assessment  to create statistical summary reports of performance.

Profit-Ability, LLC is committed to protect the privacy of our clients important information.  We utilize Dropbox Encrypted Services to secure your information and  prevent disclosure to any other parties unless expressly authorized by the Participant. 

Specific information from an individual Participant is never published by itself, except for in the Participant's own internal benchmark reports. Only aggregate data, which includes averages, quartiles, etc., will be published and disseminated to the Profit-Ability LLC,  Community of Participants. 


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© 2015 Profit-Ability, LLC - All Valuation Questions
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